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Noon Balloon #122

Summer 2019

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"With Hindsight"

by C.P. Hall II

Thirty-six years after publication, Sir Peter G. Masefield’s TO RIDE THE STORM remains the most carefully researched and detailed telling of the story of the airship R.101. Originally published in 1982, coinciding with the expiration of the restrictions of the Official Secrets Act, he had had prior access to the restricted files and was able to interview program participants still living, resulting in a detailed, comprehensive telling of the story with emphasis upon the life and contributions of the program’s originator, Labour Air Minister Christopher Birdwood Lord Thomson of Cardington.

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View From the Top

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Well, we are in an interesting time. The new website is up and running and it is fantastic. David Smith’s employee, Sandy Westlake, has done a fantastic job in making the site easy to read, interesting and up-to-date. Please take an opportunity to visit it. We have not put the membership list on there. We recently had an instance where someone emailed the Executive Council members alleging to be me and asking for help and money. Fortunately, everyone recognized the intent of the intrusion, the phony email address, and did not reply. Internet cases are rampant with intruders masquerading as someone else and trying to gain a fiscal advantage.

As I stated in two earlier messages, our new Membership Director, Wick Elderkin, will soon be initiating telephone calls to reaffirm your interest in the NAA, asking for suggestions and comments on our organization, and confirming mailing data. Continued...

Pigeon Cote

Longtime member Joe Panzarino e-mailed, “The latest issue of The Noon Balloon had plenty of good reading material indeed, also just wanted to touch upon a subject of why today (at 67 years old) it was 54 years ago (when I was thirteen) my fascination with LTA began. 

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Leandro Miranda e-mailed from Brazil, “Recently a diver found an engine near the crash site of the K-36 that I believe is from the K-36. According to reports from the fleet of an airship and fishermen who helped in the rescue and are still alive, the K-36 was all dismantled and descended from the top of the island with the help of local fishermen and transported by boat to the mainland.