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Drop us a line

Drop us a line

Drop us a line

Naval Airship Association

PO Box 700

Edgewater, FL 32132-0700

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The NAA Officers & Committee 



Fred Morin



Vice President

Bill Wissel

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Deborah Van Treuren

Looking for more info on the NAA? Trying to track down a past Naval Airship member? 

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Ross Wood

Past President


Anthony Atwood

Education Director


Wick Elderkin


Mark Lutz

History Committee Chair

LTA History

Mort Eckhouse

National Naval Aviation Museum

Why Donate?

The Naval Airship Association survives with the Membership dues of it's members and the kind donations of friends and families of fellow Airship enthusiasts and crew.  Please consider donating today to help us keep the history of Naval Airships alive and to continue to bring new and exciting Airships to a new generation.

Richard Van Treuren

Editor, The Noon Balloon


David Smith

Airship International Press, Publisher, TNB, Small Stores

Steve Kozlovski

Liaison to Emil Buehler Library

Don Kaiser

Historical Liaison & Webmaster

Past Presidents

M. H. Eppes        1985-1991
G. W. Allen          1992-1995
J. A. Fahey            1996-1997
L. W. Prost           1998-1999
W. W. Moore        2000
F. N. Kleinberg     2001
H. E. Biedebach   2001-2003
N. J. Mayer            2004-2005
R. L. Ashford        2006-2007
H. G. Spahr           2008-2010

R. F. Wood            2011-2012

Past Presidents

Past President Biographies

Ross Wood

George Allen

Norman Jules Mayer

John Fahey


Need to update your membership listing or make an address change? Email us!

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