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Noon Balloon #120

Summer 2019

View From The Top - President's Message

Noon Balloon #122

Well, we are in an interesting time. The new website is up and running and it is fantastic. David Smith’s employee, Sandy Westlake, has done a fantastic job in making the site easy to read, interesting and up-to-date. Please take an opportunity to visit it. We have not put the membership list on there. We recently had an instance where someone emailed the Executive Council members alleging to be me and asking for help and money. Fortunately, everyone recognized the intent of the intrusion, the phony email address, and did not reply. Internet cases are rampant with intruders masquerading as someone else and trying to gain a fiscal advantage.


As I stated in two earlier messages, our new Membership Director, Wick Elderkin, will soon be initiating telephone calls to reaffirm your interest in the NAA, asking for suggestions and comments on our organization, and confirming mailing data. Growing our membership has always been ongoing issue. As our memberships decrease, so do our funds for paying expenses and The Noon Balloon. Over the next few months he will contact as many members as he can by telephone to discuss the NAA and gather as much information and comments from each of you as to our future. Please extend him every courtesy when he contacts you. All the comments and suggestions he gets will be put to good use by our Executive Council to make the NAA a more vibrant and worthwhile organization. Hopefully many comments and suggestions will lead us to bring in more new members and to keep our renewals progressing.


As I reported earlier, we have terminated our relationship with our previous website and membership company. The new membership/mailing list is done and we have ironed out all the early bugs. As we get membership renewals next year, it should be much easier and more efficient for our Treasurer and Publisher. 


Finally, we have started to plan for our 2020 Reunion/Conference. In trying to make our Reunions convenient to all members, we are looking at the western area with Moffett Field in Mountain View, CA and a return trip to Tucson, AZ for the Pima Air Museum and Davis-Monthan “Bone Yard.” The lure at Moffett Field is a secret LTA project apparently being sponsored by Google, according to Bloomberg News. The draw at Davis-Monthan is the incredible Pima Museum, vast storage facility and the stored ZPG-3W airship. The Google project could be exciting, but there are a lot of “ifs” attached. We do not have any info on the project, it’s schedule, nor whether visitors and photos would be allowed. 


The Executive Council will be monitoring this closely to present an interesting and informative trip as well as an affordable trip. A decision will be announced soon in an issue of The Noon Balloon.


– Frederick R. Morin