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Albert Robbins


Albert Robbins and family, 1959

ZP-1 Patch.jpg

Naval Career of Albert Robbins

1953-1957   Seaman Recruit to AT-1

                    Navy Schools (Bainbridge, MD; Norman, OK; Memphis, TN)

                    VP-16 (NAS Jacksonville, NAS Port Lyautey, French Morocco)
                    Maintenance and In-flight radar technician. 

                    Naval Air Development Unit, NAS South Weymouth, MA
                    Experimental Radar suites P2-V5, WV-2, and ZPG-2

1957-1961   AT-1, ATCA, Ensign (Avionics Limited Duty Officer)

                    Student NEASP/NESEP Unit, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN (BSEE)                    

1961            ZP-1, NAS Lakehurst, NJ  Ensign
                    Electrical Branch Officer/ Avionics Officer 
                    during last year of Navy LTA.

1961-1964   Naval Aviation Electronic Service Unit, 
                     Anacostia Receiving Station, Washington, DC (LTJG)

                     Becoming Naval Aviation Engineering Service Unit,
                     Naval Air Material Center Philadelphia, PA (LT)

                     NAESU First Lieutenant, ASW Technical Writer, 
                     DIGEST OF NAVAL AVIONICS

1964-1966   Commander Fleet Air Jacksonville, NAS Jacksonville, FL (LT) 

                    Staff Avionics Officer, responsible for 160 Field Engineers 
                    supporting squadrons and air stations in the 6th Naval District.

                    Coordinated introduction of Three Level maintenance, and 
                    fielding of RA-5C, A-7A, P3-A and SH-3 avionics support systems.

1967–1969  USS Saratoga (CVA-60) (Lieutenant)

                    Integrated Operational Intelligence Center Maintenance Officer 
                    (First digital computers afloat, downside of the RA-5C 
                     photographic and electronics intelligence system)

                    Selected as one of original 100 Naval Aviation 
                    Engineering Maintenance Duty Officers

1970-1971   Naval Plant Representatives Office, Westinghouse, Baltimore, MD (Lieutenant)

                    Government liaison on multiple Navy, USAF, FAA, NASA and FMS programs

1971-1974   Aviation and Surface Effect Department, 
                     Naval Ship Research & Development Center, Carderock, MD

                     GS-12 Research Engineer supporting the Joint Surface Effect Ship Program, 
                     and the Arctic Air Cushion Vehicle Program

                    (Co-inventor on two patents regarding vehicle dynamics and motion alleviation)

1974–1981  Naval Air Systems Command, Alexandria, VA

                    GS-13 Training Engineer, Training Officer Imperial Iranian Air Force
                    F-14A/Phoenix Program

                    Established first and only complete in-country training program for a Naval Aircraft.

                    GS-13 Electronics Engineer, Established and maintained 
                    Age Exploration Program for Naval Avionics. 

                    Assistant Program Manager, Logistics for the Tactical Airborne

                    Reconnaissance Pod System (F-14/TARPS) from 
                    development through initial carrier deployment.

1981-1983   Naval Air Systems Command, Alexandria, VA (CDR, USNR) 

                    Recalled to active duty to assist in reorganization of the Logistics Directorate; 
                    Staffed NEW branch responsible for establishing maintenance practices for:

                    Corrosion Control, Sealed Instrument Repair, Advanced Hydraulic Systems, 
                    Aircraft Painting Systems, Structural Composites Repair, 

                    Aircraft Transparencies/Radomes/IRdomes, Aircraft Wiring Systems, and 
                    miniature/micro-miniature electronics repair.

1984-1986   Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Alexandria, VA

                    Project engineer supporting TACAMO Program Office and P-3 Program Office

1986-1995  Dual & Associates, Alexandria, VA and Indianapolis, IN
                    (Infant SBA 8(A) contractor; off-spring of BA&H)

                    Program Manager supporting multiple small programs: 
                    digital TARPS, EP-3 and VA-Q squadrons and aircraft armament programs

1997-1998   Naval Air Warfare Center, Indianapolis, IN

                     Rejoined civil service (GS-12 Logistician) to assist in NAWC Base Closure, 
                     a unique transition from a government laboratory to a contractor plant

1998-1999   Raytheon, Indianapolis, IN  (NAWC was bought by Hughes Aircraft, which 
                     in turn was bought by Raytheon two weeks after we started working for Hughes.) 

                     Project Logistician.

                     Retired again.

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