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WW2 Blimp Flight Log Book for John Lutz (35)

Created on: 03 Mar 2010
  • First War flights in a K-ship out of NAS Richmond, FL, April 1943. Note John flew EVERY day April 11,12,13,14,15; one a 20 hour flight, and two 18 hour flights. Talk about sleep flying ....
  • April 1944, ZPG 51, NAS Trinidad. Approved by S J Tregillis
  • April, 1945, NAS Santa Ana. One job was photographing new Navy ships undergoing test runs. Command Pilot Lutz was astonished to see large destroyers "take off like motor boats".
  • NAS Richmond, August, 1943.
  • August, 1944 ZPG 51 (NAS Trinidad)
  • Blimp flight clothing record pasted inside front cover. Red over-righting documents items returned July 28, 1945 to NAS Santa Ana
  • First training flights, December, 1942, NAS Lakehurst. Note "ZF" (Zeppelin, Free) flight on the 24th; ZF = Hydrogen balloon. John found it dream-like, unlike noisy propane burner hot-air balloons.
  • December, 1943, NAS Richmond; but flights may have been out of Isle of Pines Cuba. Note switch to approval by Lt O W Mellick.
  • December, 1944. Transfer to ZPG 31 (NAS Santa Ana) which defended the Ocean near the Los Angeles, CA Port.
  • 3rd month of NAS Lakehurst training flights, February 1943. L2 is not in this log because it was destroyed in a collsion before Dec 1942.
  • February, 1944. Thought to be NAS Trinidad (ZPG 51) Approved by J S Nahigian
  • February, 1945 NAS Santa Ana (LA base)
  • WW2 Blimp Pilot's flight log book, Dec 1942 - July 1945. Faded Name: Lutz, John. Rank: Ensign Branch: LTA. Lutz was discharged Dec 1945 as a Lieutenant.
  • 2nd month of NAS Lakehurst training flights, January 1943. John flew L1,3,4,5,6,7. These L ships moved between Lakehurst and Moffet Field several times during WW2.
  • January, 1944 NAS Richmond, but flights may have been out of Isle of Pines Cuba detachment.
  • January 1945, NAS Santa Ana (LA base)
  • NAS Richmond, July, 1943. Ensign Lutz was made a Senior Pilot 8 July; thus his first flight as skipper was in K-48 on 14 July.
  • July, 1944. ZPG 51 (NAS Trinidad)
  • July 1945, NAS Santa Ana. Last month of flying. 2,830 total hours, about 200 WW2 military flights. Lt(jg)Lutz transferred to Hawaii to process returning personnel.
  • June, 1943, NAS Richmond. Note the 7 flights under Lt Grills. A U-boat shot down Grills in K-74 the next month, on July 18, 1943.
  • June, 1944 ZPG 51 (NAS Trinidad)
  • June, 1945 NAS Santa Ana (LA base) Flights probably included some from the detachment near San Diego.
  • Last training flights at NAS Lakehurst, March, 1943. Note the last 4 flights are, at last, in a K-ship (K2) instead of a "baby" L-ship.
  • March, 1944, ZPG 51 (NAS Trinidad)
  • March 1945, NAS Santa Ana. Note flights in K-51. Later, K-51 took off heavy, shower water added tons to bag, had to vent gasoline. Lutz thought lightning ignited it. Ship burned, entire crew killed.
  • NAS Richmond, May, 1943. John Lutz Airship Pilot's log.
  • May, 1944 ZPG 51 (NAS Trinidad)
  • May 1945, NAS Santa Ana. Command Pilot Lutz was proud of flying hundreds of miles out to a naval task force and overflying it without having to make a course correction.
  • Novebmer 1943, NAS Richmond.
  • November 1944, ZPG 51 (NAS Trinidad). Trinidad was ordered closed; hence no flights after the 12th. Lt (jg) Lutz was given leave to get married later this month.
  • October, 1943, NAS Richmond
  • October, 1944. ZPG 51 (NAS Trinidad) but thought to be out of the Gtmo Cuba detachment, which was part of ZPG 51 at this time.
  • Pilot's QUALIFICATION QF (pasted inside rear cover)
  • NAS Richmond, September, 1943
  • September, 1944. Note Astralant Training (Anti Submarine Training, Atlantic, at Key West) and 4 ferry flights giving end points and flight time (about 45 nauts).
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